Why Mac OS X is my operating system

04 Sep 2009 . tech . #software

Back in 2001, when Steve Jobs released Mac Os X, I was enthusiastic.

At last, one operating system based on UNIX with all its powerful tools been available and still the best User Interface we can have. In this period, Linux was far away from Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows 2000, well, Windows, except with cygwin, they were no way to have a real powerful command line (ok I’m a geek :)). I remember saying to my friends that it was a good move from Apple.

Before Jobs came back to Apple, Mac OS 7/8 was a ugly OS based on the same approach than Win 3.1. That was six years after Windows 95 and the first preemptive scheduler offered to the end users.

In a great move, Jobs ask to its kernel developers to not been tight to any processor… 2005, Mac on Intel! Second great decision. Then, you were able to make run Windows and Linux (Ok, it was possible before, but with an very slow emulator.)

Apple had always had the strategy to package software with hardware altogether. Like its slogan (Think different), this approach has been partially deprecated during the 90′s where the industry focused on only its core business. Even company like Sony re-focus their activity on what is the most profitable and left aside plenty of products. Many (and probably myself) had said during this period that Apple was dead. Keeping an exotic software (or hardware depending on people view) was too much expensive and prevent the company to sell their configuration.

Since, Steve jobs came back and with him, its desire to create products where all details are polished. Having this approach to bundle a complete solution (hard/software) make Apple force today.

To conclude, we have here a good hardware and a good software extremely well finalized (most of the times…). Therefore, the reasons why Mac OS X is my primary operating system today are quite simple : Unix tooling with a GUI focused on real user experience.

Maybe, Apple surf on the geek mode, maybe it’s just temporary, Windows 7 will be released soon and many people seems astonished. Still, no real Unix tooling :) and you should look at this link. Future might be bright for Apple.